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IT Solutions for Your Industry

Our services are available to just about any industry, and our platform is built to cater to each clients specific needs. Encompass Technology works with a broad array of companies, but we’re always looking to explore new opportunities and would like to get to know your business! Please know that if your industry, or your small, medium or large sized company is not included below, we would love to speak with you.

Architecture Engineering & Construction (AEC)

AEC demands can be far and wide from the difficulties around collaboration to securing IT systems and the challenges that remote workers and job sites present.  With over 20 years of experience supporting companies in this space, we speak your language and offer support/solutions for a variety of tools (ProCore, Trimble Viewpoint, Sage300, AutoDesk, etc.) you need to run your business.

Energy and Utilities

Because of the temporary necessities of the industry we have stepped up our game to include world-class remote, offsite support and utilities, as well as a strong main office support.

Gas Plant
Working with Financial Documents

Financial Services

Whether a brokerage or mortgage firm, bank or insurance company, Encompass Technology’s team of experts are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the needs and requirements of the financial sector.

Professional Services

Our portfolio includes software companies, accounting and legal firms as well as other technical based companies and corporations.



From general manufacturing to niche products and transportation services we can provide onsite and offsite support and utilities.

The Public Sector

We specialize in providing solutions to state and local governments, as well as schools and other non-profits.


We offer IT solutions for all types of industries

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