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IT Consulting & Procurement


Our IT consulting services offer peace of mind—and not just during office hours. When our clients are added to a managed service agreement they experience on going support and multi-layered protection, ensuring their systems are always safe and secure from viruses and shut downs due to natural disasters, cyber attacks or computer infections.

Our IT consulting service includes cyber security awareness training and, of course, ongoing support by our team of professionals. Our IT services can also be shaped to meet every client’s individual needs and time frames. For ultimate client convenience we’ve developed a customizable, ad hoc consulting service for projects that might need extra time and attention, or when unexpected situations require immediate intervention. Our team of experts are as flexible as they are focused.


Scheduled On-Site Support


Available as part of a package, or as an add-on additional support system, we can provide one of our expert technicians to physically be on your property when a situation arises. In-person technician hours can be customized or increased based on the demands of each individual client.

IT Vendor Management/Procurement

As part of our professional IT Consulting Services we offer clients assistance with IT vendor management, which includes evaluation, facilitation, and/or maintenance of their vendor relationships.


We can also help clients negotiate new contracts, create company IT standards and best practices, and identify and recommend potential vendors for hardware and software procurement opportunities.


For all of our MSA packages we provide maintenance of hardware and software warranties for all computers, servers, network equipment, and software as an optional add-on.

IT Project Management / Implementation


By partnering with you we take the headache out of your IT project management. We'll help you manage the planning, organization, and execution of your project requirements, and together we can achieve your companies IT goals. We handle the challenges of interdependent integrations, rapid technology upgrades, and version changes that can occur throughout a project timeline.


We have an extensive portfolio of projects spanning over two decades. Our teams have worked on everything from million-dollar international projects to one-hour quick-fixes.

IT Consulting & Procurement includes

  • IT Consulting

  • IT Project

  • Virtual CIO

  • Copier Procurement

  • Remote Worker Security & Training

  • Hardware/Software Procurement

Examples of an IT project include: 


  • New office set-up (or existing office expansion) for your computers, printers, shared drives, backups, telephone/telecommunication devices, and wireless access points 

  • Remote temporary office "set-up" for new projects or locations

  • Office relocation and moving management services 

  • Procurement and installation of new hardware and software

  • Installation or expansion of security systems 

  • Server upgrades and migrations

  • Network configuration

  • IT emergency recovery

  • VPN setup and file sharing services for multi-location businesses

  • Build complex and geographically diverse infrastructures and networks  

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