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What Is The Cloud, Anyway?

We recently had a new client ask us, “So...what is the cloud, anyway?” Well, aside from being that pretty puff ball in the sky (or darker and threatening barbecue bummer), the cloud refers to services and software that are run on the internet, and not on your computer. If you’ve used Dropbox, Gmail, Google Chrome or Netflix, you’ve been on the cloud.

Utilizing the cloud for your business means you can easily and efficiently create, store, and share files with your co-workers without spending too much time, money, and effort on hardware installations, new software licensing, or even training employees! Plus, the cloud removes any worries about losing data when your computer shuts down (or suffers a power surge, thanks to a lightening bolt courtesy of that other kind of cloud).

Currently, with so much of the world working remotely, the cloud is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. Cloud computing lets you run your business and communicate with employees everywhere with just the use of a reliable computer and a steady Internet connection.

Ready to get started with your cloud technology? Contact us today!

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